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Using a variety of sentence structures is an effective way of creating prose that will keep the readers engaged with the narrative better. And this can be achieved by using different clauses, conjunctions, and subordinates in your sentences. Based on their structures, sentences are categorized into three types. Our set of printable worksheets on simple, compound, and complex sentences will guide children through each of these sentences, their structures, conjunctions and much more to enable efficient use of these in their prose.

These worksheets are designed for students of grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.

CCSS – L.3.1.I

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Simple Sentences

Containing a subject and a verb, a simple sentence stands tall and strong expressing a complete thought. Let children make their acquaintance with simple sentences with our pdf worksheet.

Simple Sentence

Forming Compound Sentences

This free printable worksheet on compound sentences is sure to augment the skill of combining two or more independent clauses in children of third grade and fourth grade.

Compound Sentences

Complex Sentences

Working through this pdf worksheet, children are sure to broaden their understanding of complex sentences and subordinating conjunctions.

Complex Sentences

Simple, Compound or Complex?

How about thrilling kids with a learning bonanza of simple, compound, and complex sentences with this printable worksheet? Go ahead and access it for free!

Simple, Compound or Complex?

Transforming Sentences

Let 4th grade and 5th grade children practice converting one type of sentence to the other without changing its meaning with this printable transforming sentences worksheet.

Converting Sentences