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Keep kids knowledgeably busy with our free, printable word search worksheets with answers. Unearth a wealth of word-search activities like finding Christmas vocabulary words, searching for names of animals and flowers, hunting for words related to summer, and revitalize children's vocabulary, spelling, and memory.

These word search pdfs are ideal for kids in kindergarten through grade 3.

Christmas Word Search

Relive the joy of Christmas with our Christmas word search worksheet, where 1st grade and 2nd grade kids unravel a treasure of Christmas vocabulary words.

Searching for Christmas Vocabulary Words

Finding CVC Words

Assist your kindergarten kids' learning in an amazingly fun way with this word-search activity, in which the word stars hunt for a set of CVC words.

Finding CVC Words

Animal Word Search

Watch kindergarten and grade 1 kids get charged up as they sight animal names in this free, printable word search worksheet.

Spotting Names of Animals

Flowers Word Search

The scent of roses bands together with the golden daffodils in this pdf where 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids upskill by picking out flower vocabulary words.

Looking for Names of Flowers

Summer Word Search

Kick-start your summer with this word-search pdf that tasks children in grade 2 and grade 3 with finding the given summer words.

Discovering Words Related to Summer