Hyperbole Worksheets

Catnip for children who love to embellish their language, our free, printable hyperbole worksheets are loaded with this figure of speech, excellent for a range of everyday situations. Think of hyperbole as your go-to tool whenever you think your speech or writing feels dull or uninspired. Our hyperbole worksheets pdf with answers take off with an identifying hyperbole exercise, pick up steam with a writing hyperbole drawing on a set of given ideas worksheet collection, before moving on to a task where you match phrases to create hyperbolic sentences, and much more.

These worksheets are most recommended for students in grade 5 through grade 8.

Identifying Hyperbole in Sentences

Break free from the boredom of everyday language with a wealth of lifelike hyperboles fit for 5th grade and 6th grade. Read our hyperbole examples in sentences and underline the hyperbole in each.

Does It Have a Hyperbole or Not?

Let not the presence of a superlative adjective or other seemingly overwhelming descriptive words mislead you! Stick to the definition of hyperbole, and you can easily tell which sentence is hyperbolic in these pdf exercises.

Writing Hyperbolic Sentences

Arouse joy by practicing obvious exaggerations in these hyperbole worksheet pdfs! A number of ideas are given, and 7th grade and 8th grade kids conjure up a hyperbole magic and write a hyperbole using each idea.

Explaining Hyperbole

At the heart of a hyperbole is the humor and creativity it inspires, so grade 5 and grade 6 children can't afford to take a hyperbole literally. These printable exercises task kids with throwing light on each hyperbole they read.

Matching Phrases to Make Hyperboles

Master accentuating ideas or thoughts with these hyperbole worksheets for grade 7 and grade 8 children. Match each phrase on the left to a phrase on the right to complete a hyperbolic sentence.

Completing Hyberboles Using Words From the Box

A refreshing hyperbole activity, this printable worksheet collection expects children to complete each hyperbolic sentence using an appropriate word or phrase from the box.

Completing Hyberboles by Checking the Right Option

A fitting finale to practice, these hyperbole worksheet pdfs feature sentences that cover a range of contexts. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each hyperbolic statement.