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Our free, printable diphthong worksheets have copious practice for young phonic wizards to conjure up yet another phonemic act! Diphthongs are glided vowel sounds made up of two individual sounds within a single syllable. Let this definition keep you guided as you streak ahead and embark on our diphthong worksheets pdf.

These pdf diphthong worksheets are ideal for kids in grade 1 and grade 2.

Identifying Diphthongs

In these diphthong worksheets pdf, children learn to recognize and tell apart words featuring one type of diphthong from ones featuring another.

Tracing the Diphthong Path

In each of these printable diphthong worksheets, 1st grade kids stumble upon oa, ou, or ow-diphthong words as they trace the path from one end to the other.

Coloring the Diphthong and Writing the Word

Let grade 1 children build up a repertoire of common diphthong words, so they can decode vowel combinations, as in these diphthong worksheets pdf.

Completing Words with Diphthongs

Juice up your practice with these worksheets on diphthongs, where kids in 2nd grade are tasked with completing the words with the appropriate diphthongs.

Completing Sentences with AY, OI, and EA Words

Team up with grade 2 children as they complete sentences using words containing the "ay", "oi", and "ea" diphthongs in these printable diphthongs worksheets.