Possessive Adjectives Worksheet

Every nook and cranny of this free, printable possessive adjectives worksheet with answer key abounds in words like "my" and "your" as used in "my toy" and "your sister". As you have probably already figured, possessive adjectives show which person/thing something belongs to. Here's a bright and breezy exercise on possessive adjectives, where you're tasked with reading ten sentences and underlining the possessive adjective in each. Nearly every possessive adjective that you'll encounter here denotes a person, the only exception being "its", which denotes a thing. Flip between the description and possession in a possessive adjective as you answer this identifying possessive adjectives pdf exercise.

Our free worksheet on identifying possessive adjectives in sentences is ideal for grade 2 and grade 3.

CCSS: L.3.2.D

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