Mild and Strong Interjections Worksheets

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Our printable mild and strong interjections worksheets help children identify interjections and distinguish between interjections that express emotions that are too powerful to resist, and those that denote less powerful feelings. Interjections don’t just always help our emotions fly, they also sometimes let us interject mildly. English has a range of interjections, strong and mild, that help express the whole gamut of feelings. Some mild interjections are just sounds, and they don’t express any meanings, let alone strong emotions. Remember, mild interjections are usually followed by a comma, and strong interjections often take an exclamatory point. Try our mild and strong interjections worksheets pdf with answer keys now!

Our worksheets on classifying interjections as mild or strong are perfect for children in grade 4 and grade 5.

Mild and Strong Interjections