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Here we have for you a collection of free, printable abstract noun worksheets that help kids broaden their understanding of abstract nouns in contexts, and also form abstract nouns from common nouns, adjectives and verbs that they commonly use.  It can be rather challenging to get the idea of abstract nouns across to young learners. The key to do this is by gently exposing them to various abstract nouns using the context of sentences. These exercises were carefully designed, keeping this concern in mind.

These abstract nouns worksheet pdfs are tailor-made for children of grade 3, grade 4 and grade 5.

Abstract Nouns in Sentences

Let the little ones of 3rd grade go through these printable worksheets to know more about nouns that convey feelings or ideas, and are known by the name of abstract nouns.

Making Abstract Nouns from Common Nouns

From king to kingdom and hero to heroism, help children of grade 3 learn to form abstract nouns from common nouns with this interesting pdf worksheet set.

Making Abstract Nouns from Adjectives

Learning to form nouns from adjectives will broaden the perspective of young grammarians in grade 3 and grade 4, prompting better understanding of nouns.

Making Abstract Nouns from Verbs

Go ahead and explore these printable worksheets to learn how many of the verbs that we use on a daily basis can be converted to form abstract nouns by adding suffixes.

Abstract and Concrete Nouns

Guide 5th grade kids through these pdfs to differentiate between the tangible and the intangible, or the concrete and the abstract nouns in a sentence.

Abstract vs Concrete Nouns

Are your 4th grade and 5th grade kids having a tough time telling the abstract noun from the concrete? Our practice worksheets will help them emerge with flying colors.