Long and Short E Worksheet

Feed the practice-hungry phonic learners with our free, printable long and short E worksheet. To figure out if a word has the short or long sound of the letter E in action, kids must take a closer look at the letters following E in the word. If there are only consonants after the letter E, it's clear the letter makes a short E sound. On the other hand, if the letters include a vowel, as in "seal", "leaf", and several more in this exercise, the word has a long E. Let children walk through this long and short E worksheet pdf drumming the definitions into their heads as they streak ahead to sort the long and short E ladder rungs of the two hot-air balloons.

Our free long and short E worksheet is ideal for grade 1 and grade 2.

CCSS: RF.1.2.A

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Long and Short E
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