Possessive Determiners Worksheet

Don't miss out our free printable possessive determiners worksheet if you're keen to know how many possessive determiners are there and use them accurately to express possession or belonging. While "my" is the possessive determiner referring to the first person singular, "our" indicates the first person plural. "Your" is used for the second person - singular and plural. "His", "her", and "its" are used for the third person singular. "Their" is the possessive determiner of the third-person plural. A few examples of possessive determiners in action are "my book", "your school", and "their dog". In this pdf possessive determiners worksheet, complete each sentence using one of the possessive determiners from the box.

This possessive determiners worksheet is suitable for grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.

CCSS: L.1.1h

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