Predeterminers Worksheet

Our free, printable predeterminers worksheet helps add nuance and range to children's learning and practice of determiners. As you have probably already figured out, predeterminers are words that go before determiners. The purpose of a predeterminer is to give a little extra detail about the noun or noun phrase being determined. In "double the fun", the noun "fun" is first determined by "the". The predeterminer "double" joins and helps make "fun" super-specific. It means we had two times as much fun as as someone else. In this predeterminers worksheet pdf, complete each sentence with one of the predeterminers given in parentheses. Grab a wonderful collection of predeterminers and know how to use them.

This predeterminers worksheet pdf meets the requirements of children in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.

CCSS: L.1.1h

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