3rd Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Take a tour of our free, printable 3rd grade language arts worksheets with answer keys and help kids thrive on the diverse, inspirational practice offered. Recognize cause and effect relationships in text, master roads and streets abbreviations, demonstrate understanding of figurative language and word relationships and more.

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Abbreviating Days of the Week

At the center of these exercises are the seven days of the week, accompanied by their abbreviations for children to master with ease.

Identifying Adverbs of Manner

Zero in on the adverb of manner, the adverb that tells how something is done, in each sentence. While the job is a piece of cake in the short sentences, be twice as careful with the long sentences.

Writing Contractions

Save your energy by shortening words and contract each pair of words to a tee. The definition and examples provided will brighten your prospects as you answer this set.

Forming Words by Adding Prefixes

Add a suitable prefix to the given words as instructed, form words with new meanings, and write them separately in blanks beside the roots.

Completing Common Analogies

Complete each analogy by choosing the most appropriate option presented in these printable ELA worksheets for grade 3 children.

Completing Common Analogies

Identifying Errors in Sentences & Writing the Number of Errors

Zero in on the errors in each sentence, point them out by using proofreading marks, and write how many errors of each type there are.

Identifying Errors in Sentences and Writing the Number of Errors

Sequencing and Rewriting Recipes

Make sense of the disordered steps of each recipe, reorder them to reflect the correct sequence, and rewrite the recipe in the space given.

Sequencing and Rewriting Recipes

Identifying and Coloring Synonyms

Make use of the pictorial clues that illustrate each given word to help you recognize and color the option that has the same meaning.

Checking the Right Homophones to Complete Sentences

Give both the options their due attention before deciding on the one most suitable to fill in the blank and complete the sentence meaningfully.

Checking the Right Homophones to Complete Sentences

Sorting Entry Words Based on Guide Words

Refer to a dictionary as many times as necessary, sort the words based on their pairs of guide words, and write them in alphabetical order.

Sorting Entry Words Based on Guide Words