3rd Grade Vocabulary Worksheets

Our free, printable 3rd grade vocabulary worksheets build among children an insatiable appetite for words. From prefixes and suffixes to Greek and Latin root words, they cover the A to Z of vocabulary, helping young word wizards gain confidence.

Abbreviating Street Names

Shortening street names makes them easier and more convenient to write. Get to know how to abbreviate terms like avenue and boulevard in these grade 3 vocabulary worksheets pdf.

Matching Meanings of Dictionary Abbreviations

Match the words or phrases on the left to their dictionary abbreviations on the right in these grade 3 worksheets pdf.

Abbreviating Days of the Week

At the center of these exercises are the seven days of the week. Direct children to write the abbreviations for the days of the week.

Prefixes, Root Words, and Suffixes

Remember that the root is sandwiched between a prefix and a suffix when considering various combinations to form new words in these exercises.

Forming Words by Adding Prefixes

Add a suitable prefix to the given words as instructed, form words with new meanings, and write them separately in blanks beside the roots.

Shades of Meaning | Adjectives

Take a good look at the word box given at the bottom of the page, find two synonyms for each given adjective, and put it down in the blank.

Abbreviating Months of the Year

Learn the short forms or abbreviations of the twelve months in a year using a matching exercise, a cut-and-glue activity, and more.

Identifying and Coloring Synonyms

Make use of the pictorial clues that illustrate each given word to help you recognize and color the option that has the same meaning.

Completing Sentences with "Accept" or "Except"

Understand the difference between the words "accept", and "except", and make the sentences meaningful by choosing the word that fits the context.

Breaking Down Compound Words

Split compound words apart into their components, writing them in the space given in these printable vocabulary worksheets for 3rd grade kids.

Arranging Animals in ABC Order | Cut and Glue

Arrange the animal names in the alphabetical order, before cutting out the labeled picture cards and gluing them where they belong.

Writing the Antonyms of Adjectives

Read the given adjectives, understand what they mean, and come up with adjectives that mean just the opposite, writing them in the space given.

Matching Suffixes to Their Meanings

Instruct learners to connect the suffixes listed on the left to their meanings listed on the right in these printable grade 3 vocabulary worksheets.

Completing Sentences Using Words with Suffixes “-Er”, “-Ed”, “-Ing”

The word box offers all the clues children need as they look for a word with an appropriate suffix to make each sentence meaningful.

Framing Sentences with Synonyms

Bring out the wordsmith in you and come up with a meaningful sentence that comfortably houses both the given words, while still making sense.