4th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Bring out the best in kids with our free, printable language arts worksheets for 4th grade. Be it pronouns, progressive tenses, helping verbs, modals, punctuations, similes, metaphors, idioms, or drawing inferences, our pdfs are always head and shoulders above the rest. Empower kids to engage with the world around them by expressing themselves confidently.

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Superlative Adjectives

Express the extreme or highest degree of a quality effortlessly by adding -est or "most" to the adjective in parentheses and complete the sentences.

Identifying Greek/Latin Roots & Writing the Meaning of Roots

Peruse each word, keeping an eye on the Greek or Latin root it contains, before writing both the root and its meaning in these printable worksheets for 4th grade kids.

Identifying Prepositional Phrases in Sentences

Hunt out the prepositional phrase, a group of words that consists of a preposition, its object, and any modifiers, and underline it.

Identifying Causes and Effects

Give each sentence a quick read and identify the cause and effect, before coloring the cause a bright red and the effect a vivid green.

Checking Correct Words to Complete Sentences

Skip over the wrong option, grab the right one with both hands, and make sure to check it, indicating its suitability to complete the sentence.

Completing Alliterative Tongue Twisters

Go on an alliterating spree by completing these tongue twisters choosing correct words from the word box in this part of our printable worksheets for grade 4.

Choosing the Likeliest Prediction

Pay attention to the details of each scenario, go over the options, assessing which of them is the likeliest prediction, and check it in these 4th grade English worksheets pdf.

Choosing the Likeliest Prediction

Identifying Direct Objects

Guide kids in discovering the direct objects, which receive the action of the verb directly, in the sentences and underlining them.

Identifying Direct Objects

Forming Nouns Using Suffixes

Weigh the options in the word box, pick appropriate suffixes, add them to the given words, and write down the new nouns thus formed in these 4th grade ELA worksheets pdf.

Completing Sentences with Rhyming Words

Every time kids pick a word that rhymes with the highlighted word to complete each sentence, they'll listen closely for sounds within words.