4th Grade Vocabulary Worksheets

Our free, printable 4th grade vocabulary worksheets teach kids how to handle words with skill and confidence. With new words popping up at every corner, this collection is sure to spruce up your child's vocabulary skills in topics like prefixes, suffixes, root words, synonyms, and more.

Completing Sentences Using "Their", "They're", or "There"

While it's easy to be tripped up by the similar-sounding words "their", "they're", and "there", remember that they mean very different things. Complete each sentence with the correct option.

Identifying Greek/Latin Roots & Writing the Meaning of Roots

Peruse each word, keeping an eye on the Greek or Latin root it contains, before writing both the root and its meaning in these printable vocabulary worksheets for 4th grade kids.

Season-Themed Alphabetization Activities

Revel in the fun, seasonal themes of these exercises, while making sure to meticulously line up the words based on the alphabetical order.

Checking Correct Words to Complete Sentences

Skip over the wrong option, grab the right one with both hands, and make sure to check it, indicating its suitability to complete the sentence.

Identifying and Coloring Synonyms

Identify the synonym of each word illustrated by a colorful picture, and add more color by shading the correct option in a hue of your choice.

Sorting Words with Negative Prefixes

Establish order in the box by sorting the words based on the negative prefixes they proudly sport and writing them in these grade 4 vocabulary worksheets pdf.

Matching Greek and Latin Root Words to their Meanings

Read the Greek or Latin roots, recognize what they mean, complete the matching task, and finally write down two examples for each root.

Writing the Missing Word with Similar Meaning

Flex the vastness of your vocabulary by quickly coming up with words that have meanings similar to the groups they become a part of in these printable vocabulary worksheets for grade 4 kids.

Forming Nouns Using Suffixes

Weigh the options in the word box, pick appropriate suffixes, add them to the given words, and write down the new nouns thus formed in these 4th grade vocabulary worksheets pdf.

Replacing and Rewriting Sentences

Keep firmly in mind the meaning of the underlined word as you look for another word to replace it, and rewrite the sentence accordingly.

Matching Meanings of Abbreviations Used in a Dictionary

Skim swiftly through your favorite dictionary, spotting various abbreviations across the entries, before matching them to their full forms.

"Everyday" vs. "Every Day"

Flaunt your vocabulary skills as you take in the context of each sentence and use it as a guide to identify if "everyday" or "every day" fits.

Completing a Prefix-Root Word-Suffix Table

Break down the given words into the components that make them, writing the prefixes, root words, and suffixes under the correct columns.

Matching Commonly Confused Words to Their Meanings

Make it a point to understand beyond doubt what each commonly confused word means in this pdf set of grade 4 vocabulary worksheets, before seamlessly matching it to its meaning.

Writing Antonyms for Words in Sentences

Witness words at play in sentences, taking care to choose the appropriate option that means exactly the opposite of each underlined word.