6th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Thanks to our free, printable 6th grade language arts worksheets, children will be on a league of their own, standing out with effective communication, stellar critical thinking skills, and faster cognitive development. Our ELA worksheets pdf for grade 6 will help kids articulate their thoughts coherently, while stealing the show by quickly analyzing texts, evaluating arguments, and forming logical conclusions.

Explore Sixth Grade Vocabulary Worksheets

Matching Words to Make Collocations

Figure out which words on the right combine with the verbs or adjectives on the left to form collocations, and draw lines connecting them.

Matching Commonly Confused Words to Their Meanings

Go through the meanings given in these pdf vocabulary worksheets for 6th grade, and see which one fits each word on the left, before writing the corresponding letter in the blank.

Identifying Positive and Negative Connotations

Give each word a quick read and identify if it comes with a positive or negative connotation, and write "positive" or "negative" in the blank.

Checking Correct Words to Complete Sentences

Utilize your vocabulary skills to the fullest as you figure out which of the two options is the correct fit for each sentence in these exercises.

Collocations with Do and Make

Choose between the words "do" and "make" to see which one fits better, and write it in the blank to meaningfully complete each sentence.

Identifying Words with a Negative Connotation

Look for the words with negative connotations as you read the sentences, making sure to circle them in these printable 6th grade vocabulary worksheets.

Completing Sentences Using "Their", "They're", or "There"

Make the right choice among "their", "there", and "they're", for the sense and spirit of the sentences depend on the words that complete them.

Is the Word a Connotation or Denotation?

Narrow down your focus solely to the words in bold, and identify whether they are connotations or denotations, checking the correct options in these printable grade 6 vocabulary worksheets.

Completing Sentences with Correct Words

Give both the options a read, assess which of them fits perfectly in the sentence making it meaningful, and write the same in the space given.

Connotation and Denotation - Charts

Get up-close and personal with both connotations and denotations, learning their definitions and observing their examples in these charts.

Using Have or Take Collocations

The words "have" and "take" go head-to-head in these grade 6 vocabulary worksheets pdf, where kids arrive at the option that lends itself best to grammatical accuracy.

Stationery or Stationary

Read each sentence as many times as it takes for you to confidently settle on either "stationery" or "stationary" to complete it meaningfully.

Negative, Neutral, and Positive Connotations

Don't miss a single clue offered by the context of each sentence while you ascertain if the word has a positive, neutral, or negative connotation.

Is it "Lose" or "Loose"?

Take in the context of each given sentence and complete it using either "lose" or "loose" in these pdf vocabulary worksheets for grade 6 children.

Identifying Words with a Positive Connotation

Keep your eyes peeled as you peruse these sentences, circling the words with positive connotations as and when you happen to stumble upon them.

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