Kindergarten Grammar Worksheets

Introduce kids to the world of language with our free, printable kindergarten grammar worksheets. Watch them master proper capitalization and punctuation, while also learning to recognize frequently occurring nouns and verbs, understand and use question words, and produce complete sentences, and expnad them too.

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Sentence Building

Use the picture to get a clue about the theme of each sentence, before painstakingly putting together its components, building it bit by bit until it makes complete sense.

Writing Questions

Kindle kids' spirit of curiosity and stoke their inquisitive nature with these exercises, where the task is to complete sentences with question words and add question marks.

Identifying Words to Be Capitalized & Rewriting

Make children aware of the fact that while some words need to be capitalized always, others do not. Get them to identify and rewrite words that do require capitalization.

Matching Nouns to Pronouns

Immerse budding scholars in learning that is equal parts exciting and engaging, as they match each picture on the left to an appropriate personal pronoun on the right.

Matching Nouns to Pronouns

Fill in the Blanks with Who or What

Familiarize children with two of the most common question words, "who" and "what", directing them to complete the questions using "who" or "what" as appropriate.

Fill in the Blanks with Who or What

A Sentence or a Fragment?

Help children key into the crucial difference between a sentence and a fragment, so they'll run into no trouble identifying and telling them apart in these worksheets.

Practicing Question Words | Where, Why, and When

Shower the question words, "where", "why", and "when", with all the attention they deserve, choosing one of the three options to complete each question meaningfully.

Practicing Question Words - Where, Why, and When

Stretch a Sentence

Breaking down a sentence into tasty little morsels is just one of the tasks that you can set for your children to make practice as fun as possible using these printable templates.

Question Words What and Which | Cut and Glue

The cut-and-glue activity in these kindergarten grammar worksheets pdf requires kids to complete each question with either "which" or "what", whichever is best suited.

Question Words What and Which - Cut and Glue