Kindergarten Phonics Worksheets

Our free, printable kindergarten phonics worksheets breathe new life into the fundamental concept of sound-letter correlation. This collection covers the alphabetic principle from A to Z, preparing children to take on more advanced linguistic topics in the future. Initial, medial, and final sounds, blends, and cvc words are the stars of the show here.

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Coloring Beginning Sounds

Recognize the animal or object represented by each colorful picture, say its name aloud, identify the beginning sound, and color the appropriate circle.

Matching CVC Words to Pictures

Drawing lines connecting each CVC word to its picture is the task at hand in these kindergarten phonics worksheets pdf abounding with colors.

Naming Pictures with Consonant Blend CR

A set of pictures and a word box join hands to offer the budding linguists all the help they need as they spell out the words featuring a CR blend.

Naming Pictures with Consonant Blend CR

Identifying Same Ending Sounds

Packed to the rafters with pictures, these kindergarten phonics worksheets pdf will have kids searching eagerly for words sharing the same ending sounds.

Missing Middle Sounds

Get kids to look for the missing middle sounds, and write them in the blanks the moment they stumble upon them in these printable exercises.

Counting Phonemes and Coloring Pictures

Say the names of the images aloud and color them based on the number of phonemes, as indicated in these exercises.

Matching Pictures to Beginning Sounds

Kids in kindergarten get down to business, drawing lines to bridge the divide between the pictures and their beginning sounds in these exercises.

Ending Blends

Consonant blends that make up the tail ends of words abound in these exercises, where children fill in the ending blends to complete words.

Identifying Middle Sounds

Take a good look at the pictures, color the missing middle sound in the options given, and write it in the blank to complete the word in these pdf kindergarten phonics worksheets.

Writing Vowels for CVC Words

The search is on for the vowels in these exercises, where little ones take the help of the given consonant sounds and fill in the missing middle letters.

Matching Same Final Sounds

Pairing up pictures representing words with the same ending sounds should get the job done in these illustrated phonics worksheets pdf for kindergarten.

Choosing Pictures with Given Middle Sounds

Quickly, but carefully, observe the set of pictures, figure out the ones that contain the indicated sound at the center, and check them.

Completing Words with Beginning Sounds

Get tiny tots to don their detective hats, as they hunt for the missing beginning sounds, picking up clues from the pictures and the remaining letters.

Writing Ending Sounds

Sounds that round out the ends of words are firmly front and center in these exercises that task kids with looking at pictures and writing their final sounds.

Circling Middle Sounds

Dodge the incorrect options with agile feet, while culling out the middle sound that will complete each given word.