5 Ws and H Worksheets

Say hello to the illustrious 5 Ws and the luminous H with our free, printable 5 Ws and H worksheets! This resource is designed to serve as a handy reference for children who wish to get a firsthand experience of asking questions whose importance extends beyond the classroom. Don't let these question words trip you up! Before you get started, remember "who" refers to a person, "what" indicates a thing or action, "when" denotes a time, "where" seeks information about a place, "why" asks for a reason, and "how" talks about the way something is done. That's all kids need to know to complete these 5 Ws + H worksheets pdf successfully!

This 5 Ws and H worksheet set is suitable for children in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2.

5 Ws and H