1st Grade Phonics Worksheets

Our free, printable 1st grade phonics worksheets with answers help kids blossom into enthusiastic and skilled readers with impeccable pronunciation and reading skills. This collection reinforces foundational skills by exploring topics such as common consonant digraphs, breaking words into syllables, and irregularly spelled words.

Select Grade 1 ELA Worksheets by Topic

Beginning Sounds | Cut-and-Glue

A glimpse of each picture is all kids will need to connect it to the word it represents and hence hone in on the beginning sound in this cut-and-glue activity.

Circling Consonant Digraphs

In these grade 1 phonics pdfs, young learners have to look at the picture, say the name aloud, and circle the correct digraph that comes at the beginning of the image.

Circling Consonant Digraphs

Consonant Blends | Cut and Glue

Polish your skills in phonics with this assemblage of 1st grade phonics pdfs where you cut out the blends from the bottom of the sheet and glue the correct blend in the given boxes.

Consonant Blends - Cut and Glue

Writing CVC Names

Assist your children in writing consonant-vowel-consonant pattern words with the help of these printable phonics worksheets for 1st grade kids.

Recognizing Diphthongs

Look at the words in these exercises, identify the vowel patterns, and shade them by using the color code provided in the instruction.

Writing Ending Sounds

Learn to write the ending sounds with these printable 1st grade phonics worksheets. Say the name of the pictures and then write the final sounds.

Recognizing and Coloring Long A Words

Cut down on your prep time with this printable set! Identify the words containing the long "a" sounds and color the chicks featuring those words.

Recognizing and Coloring Long A Words

Filling in EE or EA to Complete Long E Words

Stocked with eye-catching images, this compilation instructs kids to use "ee" or "ea" to complete the name of each long E word.

Filling in EE or EA to Complete Long E Words

Matching Pictures and Tracing Long I Names

In this bundle of grade 1 phonics printable worksheets, kids have to match each picture to its long "i" name and trace the word.

Matching Pictures and Tracing Long I Names

Naming Pictures to Their Long O Names

Perfect the long "O" sound with this amazing activity set by matching each picture to its long "o" name, and tracing the word.

Identifying Words That Contain Long U

Task kids to read out the names of the pictures, identify the words with long u spellings, and color the pictures.

Identifying Words That Contain Long U

Sorting Long and Short A Vowels

Review the sounds of long A and short A vowels with this pdf set where you cut out the picture cards, sort them into long A and short A, and glue them in the appropriate boxes.

Identifying Middle Sounds

Explore these pdfs and direct grade 1 kids to color the middle sound that completes each word and also write the sound in the blank.

Isolating Phonemes | Four Phonemes

Each word in this bundle of phonics worksheets for grade 1 contains four phonemes. Isolate the phonemes in the given word and write them in the Elkonin box.

Completing Words with "ar" or "ir"

Practice r-controlled sounds by saying the names of the pictures and filling in "ar" or "ir" to complete the spellings of the given words.