1st Grade Vocabulary Worksheets

Journey through our free 1st grade vocabulary worksheets and provide a head start to grade 1 kids on how to use frequently occurring affixes as a clue to the meaning of a word and also learn to identify frequently occurring root words. In addition, this section also has many PDFs on alphabetical order, compound words, shades of meaning, antonyms, and synonyms.

Select Grade 1 ELA Worksheets by Topic

Compound Words Charts

With these printable charts on compound words, kids can learn the compound words easily by breaking them down into two words.

Writing Antonyms

Keenly look at the pictures and write words that have opposite meanings next to the given words in this set of vocabulary worksheets for grade 1.

Sorting Creatures into Insects and Birds

Identify the animals first and then sort the creatures into insects and birds and write them under the correct categories.

Alphabetizing Based on the First Two Letters

Reinforce your child's knowledge of ABC order by getting them to hone in on the first two letters that make up each word, before arranging the words according.

Identifying and Coloring Prefixes in Words

Unlock a bright practice opportunity with these color the prefix worksheets for grade 1 and grade 2, where kids identify and color the prefix in each word. Molding kids into well-informed readers will now be a cinch!

Sorting Examples into Categories

Read the examples of different categories enclosed in these vocabulary worksheets for 1st grade. Cut the category names and glue them under the correct examples.

Sorting Examples into Categories

Identifying Root Words

A root word is the most basic word without any prefix or suffix. Read each word and identify the root in these printable worksheets.

Matching Words with Similar Meaning

Let's learn about a group of words that has subtle difference in meanings. Match each set to a word that’s similar in meaning.

Sorting Games into Indoor and Outdoor Games

This bundle is a perfect addition to this concept. Sort the games into indoor games and outdoor games and write them under the correct categories.

Sorting Games into Indoor and Outdoor Games

Writing CVC Words in Alphabetical Order

Find which CVC word will come first in the given set of words and write 1, 2, and 3 to indicate the order of the words in these vocabulary worksheets pdf for grade 1.

Shades of Meaning | Adjectives

Breeze though these pdfs to practice shades of meaning. Find in the word box two synonyms for each adjective below and write them in the space given.

Shades of Meaning - Adjectives

Sorting into "Sinking" and "Floating"

Find which objects float and which objects sink with these meticulously designed printable pdfs. Check the appropriate option for each question.

Sorting into Sinking and Floating

Sorting Words into Number Words and Size Words

Read the words provided in the word box and sort the words into number words and size words and write accordingly.

Sorting Words into Number Words and Size Words

Writing the Antonyms of Adjectives

Presenting adjectives on the wings of the butterflies, this compilation requires learners to write the opposite words of the adjectives on the other wings of the butterflies.

Matching Compound Words

Match the pictures to reveal each set of two words that combine to make a compound word in this collection of first grade vocabulary pdfs.