2nd Grade Grammar Worksheets

Inch ever closer to linguistic perfection with our free, printable 2nd grade grammar worksheets with answer key. Get the structure and syntax of the English language down pat with exercises on nouns, adjectives, verbs, and many more.

Changing Adjectives to Adverbs

Bear in mind that adjectives describe nouns, as you tack on the suffix "-ly" at the end of adjectives, transforming them into adverbs.

Coordinating Conjunctions | FANBOYS

Bring to the forefront of your mind the FANBOYS mnemonic and fill in the blanks with appropriate coordinate conjunctions to complete the sentences.

Adverbs Describing How, When, and Where

Analyze the type of adverb in each sentence, and identify if it describes how, when, or where an action took place and write it in the blank.

Definite Article or Zero Article?

Avoid overusing the definite article and exercise restraint in these printable grade 2 grammar worksheets, choosing the zero article wherever necessary.

Capitalizing Names of Days, Months, & Holidays

Split focus two-ways between the two parts of these exercises, where the task is for kids to capitalize the days, months, and holidays.

Identifying Possessive Nouns and Contractions

Keep in mind that not all words with apostrophes are contractions, for some of them are possessive nouns, as you identify their type in these grammar worksheets pdfs for grade 2.

Completing Sentences with Correct Possessive Determiners

Don't forget that some of the options in the word box may be used more than once as you go about filling in the blanks with possessive determiners.

Diagramming Simple Subjects and Predicates

A throwback to straight lines and slanted lines is what these exercises offer as kids diagram the sentences with simple subjects and predicates.

Sorting Proper and Common Nouns

Inject a sense of order to the box of nouns by classifying them into common and proper nouns and writing them under the correct columns in this part of our grade 2 grammar worksheets pdfs.

Labeling the Parts of Speech

Cull out the adjectives and adverbs in these sentences, underlining the adjectives in a vivid green and the adverbs in a vibrant blue.

Prepositions of Time

Underlining the prepositions of time that pop up every now and then is the task kids enjoy performing in these printable grammar worksheets for grade 2.

Choosing Object Pronouns

Choose the object pronoun best suited for each sentence after due consideration of the options within parentheses, and write it in the blank.

Commas in a Series

Make the sentences meaningful and easy to read by interspersing the words with commas wherever required and rewriting the sentences.

Question Words What and Which | Cut and Glue

Glance at the picture for contextual clues, figure out the question word to complete each question, cut it out and glue it as instructed to complete these 2nd grade grammar worksheets pdfs.

Scrambled Sentences

Restore order to the sentences by rearranging all their components in a way that makes sense, making sure not to leave a word behind.