2nd Grade Vocabulary Worksheets

Treat the budding wordsmiths to our free, printable 2nd grade vocabulary worksheets, and watch them develop a way with words. Get them working on a series of exercises on topics ranging from alphabetical order and antonyms to suffixes, prefixes, and shades of meaning.

Abbreviating Months of the Year

Teach little ones the abbreviations of the twelve months and identify the months when their short forms are given in these worksheets.

ABC Order Based on the First Three Letters

Divide focus three-ways in these 2nd grade vocabulary worksheets pdf, where the task is to arrange each set of words based on the first three letters.

Writing the Antonyms of Verbs

Take in the verbs represented pictorially in these exercises, and use them to hone in on their antonyms, which need to be written in the space given.

Making Compound Words

Take your pick from the word box, pairing up individual words in a way that makes perfect sense, forming a bunch of compound words in the process.

Matching Prefixes to Root Words

Designate a word on the right to go with each prefix listed on the left, drawing lines to match them, before writing the complete word in the space given.

Root-Word Search

Let little ones play detective with all the excitement they can muster as they hunt for a set of root words hidden amongst an organized mess of letters.

Shades of Meaning | Adjectives

Give the word box a thorough shuffle, looking for words that serve as a synonym of each adjective in these printable vocabulary worksheets for 2nd grade.

Completing Sentences Using Words with Suffixes “-Er”, “-Ed”, “-Ing”

Ensure kids don't stray from the three given suffixes in these exercises that task them with completing sentences using words from the box.

Writing CVC Words in Alphabetical Order

Take a quick trip back to cvc words when ordering sets of three such words according to their alphabetical order in these pdf vocabulary worksheets for grade 2.

Writing the Antonyms of Adjectives

Read each adjective and identify the word that means just the opposite of the given word, before writing it neatly in the space provided.

Compound Words Charts

Expand the scope of compound-word practice from the table to the wall with these charts, each splitting and illustrating examples of compound words.

Identifying and Coloring Prefixes in Words

Zero in on the prefix that lends the weight of meaning to each word, and make sure to color it as instructed in order to reflect its significance.

Coloring Compound Words

Splash around in colors vivid and vibrant, keying into the compound words nestled amongst a range of other words in these vocabulary worksheet pdfs for grade 2.

Matching Words with Similar Meaning

Direct kids to lean heavily on their vocabulary to help them match sets of words to other words that have a similar meaning, albeit a bit different.

Matching Compound Words

Observe each pair of pictures in this part of our vocabulary worksheets for 2nd grade kids with utmost attention and puzzle out the compound word represented, matching it to the correct picture on the right.