7th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Achieve all-around perfection with our free, printable 7th grade language arts worksheets. Explore phrases, clauses, and more to wield syntactically perfect language. Focus on devices like allusions to practice interpreting non-literal wording. Work on causes and effects, connotations and denotations, and more to expand your quiver of words and word usage.

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Commas and Coordinate Adjectives

Help kids grasp the placement and punctuation of adjectives that share equal importance in describing a noun with the help of these pdf ELA worksheets for grade 7 children.

Checking Correct Words to Complete Sentences

Looking past the similarities in spelling and focusing on the differences in meaning is the secret to success in this task of choosing the correct word to complete the sentences.

Identifying Indirect Characterization

Sharpen your analytical prowess and cultivate a deeper understanding of characters' hidden facets as you decipher which of the two sentences in each set uses an inference to assess a character.

Completing Hyperbole Using Words Given

Every example in our pdf grade 7 language arts worksheets on using words in the box to complete a set of hyperbolic sentences, lets some ordinary idea come across as extraordinary.

Adding Emphasis and Information Using Transition Words

Add information or indicate emphasis using appropriate transition words and complete the sentences to take the bite out of your transition-word journey.

Correcting Sentences with Misplaced Modifiers

Make a culture of placing modifiers right with our pdf English worksheets for grade 7. Encourage kids to rewrite the sentences by fixing the misplaced modifiers in this segment.

Correcting Sentences with Misplaced Modifiers

Is the Word a Connotation or Denotation?

Flex your ability to impeccably pick up on contextual clues, as you identify whether the highlighted word is a connotation or a denotation.

Identifying the Tenor and Vehicle in a Metaphor

While it's good to grab these metaphors to add texture and beauty to your description, you must recognize the part of the metaphor that is being compared along with the part that's being compared to.

Choosing Sentences with an Appropriate Shift in Tense

Give your students stacks of practice as they read through three sentences in each set and identify the sentence that uses the shift in tense correctly.

Choosing Sentences with an Appropriate Shift in Tense

Negative, Neutral, and Positive Connotations

Read the sentences, keeping the highlighted words at the forefront, and figure out if it has a negative, neutral, or positive connotation.