7th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Achieve all-around perfection with our free, printable 7th grade language arts worksheets. Explore phrases, clauses, and more to wield syntactically perfect language. Focus on devices like allusions to practice interpreting non-literal wording. Work on causes and effects, connotations and denotations, and more to expand your quiver of words and word usage.

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Collocations with Do and Make

The words "do" and "make" compete for the right to complete each sentence in these grade 7 vocabulary worksheets pdf. Figure out which one collocates best and write it in the blank.

Checking Correct Words to Complete Sentences

Looking past the similarities in spelling and focusing on the differences in meaning is the secret to success in this task of choosing the correct word to complete the sentences.

Framing Sentences with Connotations

Give carte blanche to your creative spirit while writing connotations and denotations, making a small foray into connotative sentences as well.

Negative, Neutral, and Positive Connotations

Read the sentences, keeping the highlighted words at the forefront, and figure out if it has a negative, neutral, or positive connotation.

Completing Sentences with Correct Words

Call to mind that similarities in spelling are a decoy designed to make you choose the wrong word, as you slip away from the trap and complete each sentence with the right word.

Is the Word a Connotation or Denotation?

Flex your ability to impeccably pick up on contextual clues, as you identify whether the highlighted word is a connotation or a denotation.

Using Have or Take Collocations

Choose either "have" or "take" and write it in the blank to add much-needed sense and meaning to each sentence in these printable vocabulary worksheets for grade 7.

Identifying Positive and Negative Connotations

Tap into the ideas or emotions invoked by each word, writing "positive" if all is well and good, and "negative" if you are overwhelmed by unpalatable feelings in these exercises.

Time Collocations

Collocations revolving around time are the focus of these worksheets, where the task is for kids to check the option that completes the sentence.

Identifying Words with a Negative Connotation

Keep an eye out for words accompanied by a negative connotation, circling them as you go through the sentences in these 7th grade vocabulary worksheets pdf.  

Identifying the Type of Collocation

Give both the parts of each collocation the attention they rightfully deserve as you recognize the type of collocation and write it in the space provided.

Identifying Words with a Positive Connotation

Stay on the lookout for any stray positive connotations you may come across, making sure to circle them as you peruse the sentences in these grade 7 vocabulary worksheets pdf.

Collocations with Go, Come, Get, or Keep

Not one, not two, but a whopping four words team up to ensure kids will be spoiled for choice as they sift through the box and pick out the collocation best suited for each sentence.

Connotation and Denotation - Charts

Understand the definitions of a connotation and a denotation, while looking at plenty of examples, and learn how to use them with the help of these charts.

Connotation and Denotation - Charts

Matching Words to Make Collocations

Witness firsthand how collocations are formed by drawing lines to match the verbs or adjectives to the appropriate words in these printable vocabulary worksheets for 7th grade kids.

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