8th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Our free 8th grade language arts worksheets are your go-to resource should grammatical perfection, an expansive vocabulary, or decorative writing be on your cards. Learn the function of verbals, form and use active and passive voice, and use verbs in the indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, and subjunctive mood, allusion, and much more!

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Changing Sentences from Active Voice to Passive Voice

Learn to change active voice sentences to passive voice sentences with our printable ELA worksheets for 8th grade. Convert the sentence in such a way that the subject receives the action.

Collocations with Go, Come, Get, or Keep

Remember to look at the word box and pick out the collocation most appropriate to complete each sentence without changing its meaning.

Answering Questions Based on Allusion Passages

Each passage explicates an allusion and talks about its origin. Get to know the details and refer to the passage to answer the questions.

Answering Questions Based on Allusion Passages

Completing Cause and Effect Tables

Interpret each informational text, paying special attention to cause-effect relationships, and complete the table of causes and effects.

Third Conditional Sentences

Answer the questions using the format "If + past perfect, would/wouldn’t have + past participle" to transform the sentences into the third conditional.

Third Conditional Sentences

Time Collocations

Run through all the three options for each sentence and hone in on the correct time collocation in these printable English worksheets for grade 8.

Completing Sentences Using Oxymorons

Fill in the blanks choosing oxymorons from the word box, ensuring they do justice to the context and intended meanings of the sentences.

Indicating Types of Errors in Passages

Go through the passage with a fine-toothed comb, underline and number the errors, and indicate the types of errors in the checklist.

Indicating Types of Errors in Passages

Completing Sentences with Gerunds

Take your learning to the next level with these grade 8 English worksheets pdf. Use the gerunds from the word box and complete the sentences.

Negative, Neutral, and Positive Connotations

Keep an eye on the highlighted word and another on the context of the sentence to find if it has a positive, neutral, or negative connotation.

Rewriting Similes as Metaphors

Rewrite each sentence, rephrasing the simile it proudly features into a metaphor that instills just as much pride in this exciting assortment of worksheets.

Math Inferences

Make use of logic and math to interpret the data sets presented and draw reasonable inferences in these 8th grade language arts worksheets pdf.

Math Inferences

Correcting Inconsistent Shifts in Stories

Packed with interesting stories, this section provides practice for students to find the inconsistent shifts, fix the shifts and rewrite the stories.

Correcting Inconsistent Shifts in Stories

Framing Sentences with Connotations

Come up with a connotation and a denotation for each given word, and write a connotative sentence in these 8th grade ELA worksheets pdf.

Food Puns

Exhibit expert wordplay as you read these food puns, underline the words that serve as the source of humor, and write the actual word to be used.