8th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Our free 8th grade language arts worksheets are your go-to resource should grammatical perfection, an expansive vocabulary, or decorative writing be on your cards. Learn the function of verbals, form and use active and passive voice, and use verbs in the indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, and subjunctive mood, allusion, and much more!

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First Conditional Sentences

Provide consistent practice to students with these 8th grade ELA worksheet pdfs. Instruct them to choose the appropriate forms of the verbs and complete the first conditional sentences.

Completing Analogies

Make an instant connection to figure out the missing word, filling it in the blank to complete each analogy meaningfully in these printable language arts worksheets for grade 8.

Completing Analogies

Using Have or Take Collocations

Maintain grammatical accuracy when completing each sentence in these pdf grade 8 worksheets with the correct form of either "have" or "take", whichever is better suited.

Editing Run-on Sentences

Fix the run-on sentences using punctuation marks, coordinating conjunctions, relative pronouns, or subordinating conjunctions as appropriate.

Editing Run-on Sentences

Identifying Independent Clauses

Expand your knowledge of clauses with these English worksheets for 8th grade. Identify the two independent clauses in each sentences and write them below.

Identifying Independent Clauses

Explaining Hyperbole

Comb through each sentence, staying on the lookout for the hyperbole, making sure to jot down a crisp note of its actual meaning or significance.

Framing Sentences with Connotations

The words featured here offer a launchpad for learners to grasp the difference between connotation and denotation, for the task is to write them both, as well as a connotative sentence.

Drawing Inferences from Passages

Observe each piece of information available in the short passages and draw inferences using the contexts, checking the appropriate options.

Drawing Inferences from Passages

Completing Sentences with Subject Gerunds

Read the sentence, choose an appropriate gerund from the word box, and complete the sentence using the gerund in these printable worksheets for grade 8.

Is That a Simile or Metaphor?

Peruse each sentence carefully, paying special attention to the figure of speech used, and identify if it features a simile or a metaphor.