8th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Our free 8th grade language arts worksheets are your go-to resource should grammatical perfection, an expansive vocabulary, or decorative writing be on your cards. Learn the function of verbals, form and use active and passive voice, and use verbs in the indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, and subjunctive mood, allusion, and much more!

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Hyphenated Adjectives

When two or more words are used to qualify a noun, they are hyphenated to show the compound adjectives as single adjectives. Rewrite the sentences with hyphenated adjectives.

Identifying Oxymorons in Passages

Look through each passage with a metaphorical magnifying glass and underline the oxymorons in these 8th grade language arts worksheets pdf.

Identifying the Type of Collocation

Observe the given collocations, figure out their types, and write them in the space provided in these printable English worksheets for grade 8.

Underlining Error-free Sentences

Hidden among the error-ridden sentences in each group is a perfect sentence absolutely free of mistakes. Identify and underline it in these exercises.

Underlining Error-free Sentences

Subject and Object Complements

Underline the complement in each sentence and write whether it is a subject complement or an object complement in this part of our grade 8 ELA worksheets pdf.

Animal Puns

Animals are the inspiration behind the puns in these 8th grade printable worksheets. Enjoy reading them, but don't forget to underline the word or words punned on.

Animal Puns

Identifying Positive and Negative Connotations

Never let your focus waver even the smallest bit as you read each word, recollect its meaning, and write if it has a positive or negative connotation.

Cause and Effect Templates

Fashion your own exercises and elevate the scope of practice in interpreting cause-effect correlation using the templates in our grade 8 worksheets pdf.

Indicative Verb Mood

Introduce indicative verb mood which is used to state or deny facts, express assertions and opinions. Choose the option that changes the highlighted verb in each sentence into one with an indicative mood.  

Writing Proverbs Based on Situations

Grasp the significance of each situation, think of a proverb or adage that would serve as a well-meaning message or moral, and write it down.

Writing Proverbs Based on Situations