Where, Why, and When Worksheet

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Find your feet and settle in quickly with our free, printable where, why, and when worksheet! Make it easy for you as you strive to understand the meaning and function of "where", "why", and "when". If you remember that "where" is used to ask about a place, "why" serves the purpose of asking the reason for something, and "when" seeks information about a time or an occasion, you will do well. The examples "Where is my piggy bank?", "Why didn't you add salt to the dish?", and "When is your birthday?" illustrate the first, second, and third rules respectively. This where, why, and when worksheet pdf is a must-try!

Our free where, why, and when worksheet is made for children in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2.


Where, Why, and When
Where, Why, and When

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