2nd Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Zhush up your resources with our free, printable 2nd grade language arts worksheets that are accompanied by answer keys. Scroll down for a glimpse of engaging exercises in collective nouns, irregular plurals, reflexive pronouns, past tense, prefixes, suffixes, and many more CCSS aligned grade 2 English topics.

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Identifying Possessive Nouns and Contractions

Keep in mind that not all words with apostrophes are contractions, for some of them are possessive nouns, as you identify their type in these English worksheets pdfs for grade 2.

Cut and Glue the Beginning Sounds

Snip along the outlines of each picture, say its name aloud, figure out its beginning sound, and glue it beside the appropriate letter.

Checking Homophones That Complete Sentences

GarnerĀ linguistic precision with this activity set in our printable ELA worksheets set. Master using homophones by choosing the right word from each sound-alike pair.

Checking Homophones That Complete Sentences

Writing the Antonyms of Verbs

Take in the verbs represented pictorially in these exercises, and use them to hone in on their antonyms, which need to be written in the space given.

Recognizing Adjectives and Nouns

Look at each sentence, taking care to focus on the adjectives and the nouns they describe, before underlining the adjective and circling the noun.

Clapping Syllables

Discover the rhythm of language with this compilation of engaging 2nd grade language arts worksheets! Get grooving to the syllable beat, as you circle the number of claps to represent the syllables.

Clapping Syllables

Completing Words with Diphthongs

The pictures offer all the clues kids may need as they determine the missing diphthongs in each name and fill them in the blanks.

Adverbs Describing How, When, and Where

Analyze the type of adverb in each sentence, and identify if it describes how, when, or where an action took place and write it in the blank.

Completing Sentences with Correct Possessive Determiners

Don't forget that some of the options in the word box may be used more than once as you go about filling in the blanks with possessive determiners.

Completing Sentences with Rhyming Words

Enhance your phonemic awareness as you uncover rhymes that tickle the ears. Choose from the given options and complete each sentence with a word that rhymes with the highlighted word in it.