2nd Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Zhush up your resources with our free, printable 2nd grade language arts worksheets that are accompanied by answer keys. Scroll down for a glimpse of engaging exercises in collective nouns, irregular plurals, reflexive pronouns, past tense, prefixes, suffixes, and many more CCSS aligned grade 2 English topics.

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Animal Analogies

Journey through the wilds of comparison by completing animal analogies writing the missing words in this part of our printable worksheets for grade 2.

ABC Order Based on the First Three Letters

Divide focus three-ways in these 2nd grade worksheets pdf, where the task is to arrange each set of words based on the first three letters.

Definite Article or Zero Article?

Avoid overusing the definite article and exercise restraint in these printable grade 2 worksheets, choosing the zero article wherever necessary.

Spotting Consonant Blends in Picture Names

Hone in on the beginning consonant blends of the pictures in these grade 2 ELA worksheets pdf, writing the names in the space given.

Spotting Consonant Blends in Picture Names

Identifying Facts and Opinions | MCQ

Practice interpreting information intelligently by recognizing between facts and opinions in this exercise; color the appropriate circles after reading the sentences.

Identifying Facts and Opinions - MCQ

Capitalizing Names of Days, Months, & Holidays

Split focus two-ways between the two parts of these exercises, where the task is for kids to capitalize the days, months, and holidays.

Sorting Proper and Common Nouns

Inject a sense of order to the box of nouns by classifying them into common and proper nouns and writing them under the correct columns in this part of our grade 2 English worksheets pdfs.

Animal Alliterations

Embark on a wild expedition with these attention-grabbing pdfs from our language arts worksheets for 2nd grade. Roam through this printable resource, pairing animals with captivating alliterative adjectives.

Spotting Long E Words in Sentences

Get kids to flaunt their burgeoning reading skills as they read each sentence aloud and highlight the word with a long E sound.

Spotting Long E Words in Sentences

Writing the Antonyms of Adjectives

Read each adjective and identify the word that means just the opposite of the given word, before writing it neatly in the space provided.