5th Grade Vocabulary Worksheets

Make the most of our free, printable 5th grade vocabulary worksheets, home to a host of topics like Greek and Latin affixes and roots, synonyms and antonyms, and more. Instruct kids to answer these worksheets and watch their vocabulary grow by leaps and bounds.

Completing Words in a Passage Using Prefixes

Some of the words in these passages are devoid of their prefixes. Place an appropriate prefix in each blank, choosing the option most suitable for the meaning and context in question.

Matching Commonly Confused Words to Their Meanings

Bring to the forefront of your mind the meaning of each word listed and match accordingly in these printable vocabulary worksheets for grade 5 kids.

State Abbreviations Crossword

Go ahead and solve these crossword puzzles with gusto, deciphering with ease the state names from the abbreviations listed out as clues.

State Abbreviations Crossword

Identifying and Coloring Synonyms

Hone in on the meaning of each given word, also accompanied by a picture, identify the option that has a similar meaning and color it.

Season-Themed Alphabetization Activities

Enjoy the vibrant, season-themed layouts of these printable vocabulary worksheets for 5th grade, while arranging in ABC order a bunch of words that stick to the same theme.

Completing Sentences Using "Their", "They're", or "There"

Determine which of the three words, "their", "there", and "they're", when used to complete a sentence, doesn't abridge the intended meaning.

Completing Words in Sentences Using Prefixes

Identify which of the prefixes from the word box will complete each sentence and fill in the blanks in these 5th grade vocabulary worksheets pdf.

Completing a Prefix-Root Word-Suffix Table

Split the given words into their components, namely prefix, root word, and suffix, and write them under the columns they belong to.

Completing Sentences with Stronger Words

Keep in mind that the stronger the word, the more intense the emotion it conveys, as you choose the stronger word to complete each sentence.

Identifying Suffixes and Prefixes

Observe each word, playing close attention to the affix, which is an addition to the base or stem, and identify whether it is a prefix or a suffix.

Framing Sentences with Synonyms

Do your best to comfortably accommodate each pair of synonyms in a meaningful sentence in these pdf vocabulary worksheets for grade 5 kids.

Abbreviating Titles

Shorten the titles of respect or profession into abbreviations that still retain the same level of dignity, and write them in the space given.

Stationery or Stationary

Pay special attention to the spelling as you choose between "stationery" and "stationary" to complete each sentence and make it meaningful.

Rearranging States in ABC Order

Look through the box containing US state names, line the states up according to the alphabetical order, and write them one below the other in these grade 5 vocabulary worksheets pdf.

Completing Sentences with Correct Words

Read both the options carefully and recollect their meanings, before considering which of them fits the context of the sentence like a glove.