5th Grade Grammar Worksheets

Master the basic conventions of language with our free, printable 5th grade grammar worksheets. As kids complete exercises on conjunctions, interjections, prepositions, tag questions, transition words, tenses, and shift in tenses, they gain confidence and fluency in communication.

Adding an Interjection

Add an explosive burst of emotion and feeling to elevate the impact of each sentence here. Select appropriate interjections from the word box to fill in the blanks.

Adding an Interjection

Choose Correct Predeterminers to Complete Sentences

Remember that a predeterminer is used before a determiner as you go about completing the sentences in these 5th grade grammar worksheets pdf with appropriate predeterminers.

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Figure out whether the context of the sentence calls for the comparative or superlative degree of the adjective enclosed in parentheses.

Finding Compound Direct Objects

Read the sentences, isolate the compound direct objects featured in them, and make sure to write them separately in the space provided.

Past Perfect Tense

Arrive at the past perfect tense form of the verb displayed within the parentheses, and write it in the blank to complete each sentence.

Mild and Strong Interjections

Direct your focus toward the interjection that stands out in each sentence, figure out if it is mild or strong, and write the answer in the blank.

Abstract and Concrete Nouns

Zoom past these printable grade 5 grammar worksheets, underlining every instance of a concrete noun, and circling every appearance of an abstract noun as you go.

Sorting the Eight Parts of Speech

Rummage through the words in the box, classify them based on their grammatical function, and write them under the correct part-of-speech columns.

Matching Phrasal Verbs to Their Meanings

Go through the phrasal verbs displayed on the left, pair them up with their meanings on the right, and draw lines to match them both in these pdf grammar worksheets for grade 5.

Prepositional Phrases

Leaf through each sentence, carefully looking for the prepositional phrase featured in it, and underline the phrase when you find it.

Prepositional Phrases

Combining Sentences with Relative Pronouns

Bridge the gap between the two sentences and make them a unified, meaningful whole using an appropriate relative pronoun in these exercises.

Combining Sentences with Relative Pronouns

Identifying the Appropriate and Inappropriate Shifts

Ensure your focus is laser-sharp as you look for the exact instance when the tense begins to shift, and write if the shift is appropriate.

Identifying the Appropriate and Inappropriate Shifts

Complete Subjects and Complete Predicates

Search for the complete subject and underline it, before moving on to circling the complete predicate featured in each of these sentences.

Complete Subjects and Complete Predicates

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Choose the correct pronoun, such that it agrees with the antecedent, to complete each sentence in these pdf grammar worksheets for 5th grade kids.

Adding Negative Tags to Positive Statements

Firmly imprint the rule that positive statements call for negative tags, as children go about completing the sentences with negative tags.