5th Grade Grammar Worksheets

Master the basic conventions of language with our free, printable 5th grade grammar worksheets. As kids complete exercises on conjunctions, interjections, prepositions, tag questions, transition words, tenses, and shift in tenses, they gain confidence and fluency in communication.

Simple Tenses Mixed Exercises

Put the simple sentences to scrutiny to help figure out if the tense is past, present, or future, and check the appropriate options.

Identifying Time-Order Words

Keep time at the forefront of your mind as you hone in on the time-order word or phrase used in each of the given sentences and circle it.

Completing Sentences with Was or Were

Each blank needs to be filled in with one of the two helping verbs, "was" and "were", as called for by the context of each sentence.

Degrees of Comparison in Adjectives | Table

Write the comparative and superlative forms of each given positive adjective and complete the table in these grade 5 grammar worksheets pdf.

Choosing the Adverbs of Frequency

Choose an adverb of frequency from the word box on top and complete each sentence in these printable grammar worksheets for grade 5.

Correcting Capitalization Errors in Sentences

Stay on the lookout for errors in capitalization that may appear any instant in the given sentences, and make sure to fix them as you go.

Conjunctions | Charts

These colorful charts cover correlative, coordinating, and subordinating conjunctions, with crisp explanations and examples aplenty.

Conjunctions | Charts

Identifying the Determiner and the Noun It Determines

Shade the determiners in the sentences purple, and their nouns or noun phrases green in these printable grammar worksheets for 5th grade.

Diagramming Adverbs

Reorganize the structure of each given sentence using interconnecting lines, making sure to depict the adverbs along slanted lines.

Diagramming Adverbs

Finding Direct Objects

Peruse each sentence attentively while keeping your eyes peeled for the direct objects, underlining them as and when you see them.

Finding Direct Objects